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The genesis of this site, ironically, occurred long before I knew of the Internet (actually, long before most of us knew of the Internet!).

The year was 1991, and I was in my last semester of college. I had enrolled in an architectural appreciation course (us business majors needed our liberal arts credits!). I had spent the previous summer as the marketing intern for an architectural firm, and had developed an interest in architecture. I had also recently developed an interest in photography (at the time I was completing my Certificate in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography), and when I learned that 80% of my final grade would be based upon a term paper, well, I immediately knew that a "catalog" of downtown York’s architecture was in my future. My resulting booklet, "ARCHITECTURE: YORK – A Guide to York’s Architectural Styles" was completed in Spring 1991.

Of course, this site has more to it than just downtown York’s architecture. I’m a photo-hobbyist, and York County has always provided an abundance of images. In 1997, I joined the marketing committee of the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau. In 1998—by a fluke, actually—I ended up writing the York County Visitors Guide. I was then asked to write the 1999, 2000, and 2001 guides. The 1999 (York County’s 250th anniversary) and 2000 guides were labors of love, and also gave me a chance to showcase many of my photographs.

In addition to my involvement with the Convention & Visitors Bureau, I also published a photo essay, "Heads Up in Downtown York" in Pennsylvania Magazine, as well as an "Americana: The Red Grist Mill in York County" section in the same publication. I was also hired by Genesis Publishing—publisher of the York County Visitors Guide—to help launch RelocationLink: York County, a welcome guide for newcomers. I served as editor and primary writer for the 1999 and 2000 guides. I also published a poster of downtown York architecture, available here.

My day job as marketing manager for NuTec Design Associates/JDB Engineering (architects and engineers) provides me opportunities to "chase" historic work in York County. (NuTec designed the York County Government Center, Noonan Building renovation, Strand-Capitol façade restoration, Blakey-York Building renovation, and is currently hard at work on the York County Courthouse renovation.) In 2001 I published an e-book, "Simplified Architectural Photography," available from

So, you might say the official launch of in 2002 is a culmination of the past decade, and another labor of love. I’m still involved with the visitors bureau ( and Genesis Publishing ( I still run the marketing program for NuTec Design ( and JDB Engineering (, and even do a little consulting on the side ( And yes, my poster is still available, as are art prints of the majority of the images on this site (click here).

Obviously, I didn’t wake one morning with an omniscient knowledge of York’s history and architecture (though it would have saved me a lot of research time). Over the years I’ve gone through countless books, brochures, and guides. I’ve been on many tours, attended information seminars and meetings, and met a lot of people with great information. Here are some of my primary reference sources.

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© 2002 by Scott D. Butcher

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