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Before learning about the various periods and styles of architecture, it is important to understand that many of York’s notable buildings are essentially a hybrid of two or more styles. While the larger cities of the United States—especially in the original thirteen colonies—contain perfect examples of architectural periods and styles, the smaller towns and rural environments contain less "perfect" examples. In fact, in researching the various styles, I’ve noted many local structures classified differently, depending upon the historian’s opinion. While I’ve relied on some of these opinions, I’ve also researched a number of source books to attempt to find the closest classification match (which isn’t always easy!).

Here are our topics:

Architectural terms used on this site

Medieval Half-Timber
German Colonial
English Colonial
Meeting House
Greek Revival
Queen Anne
Second Empire
Romanesque Revival
Richardson Romanesque
Gothic Revival
Colonial Revival
Dutch Colonial Revival

Neoclassical Revival
Italian Renaissance
Beax Arts Classicism
Commercial Style
Art Deco
Art Moderne
Tudor Revival
Spanish Colonial Revival
French Eclectic
Early Modernism
Post Modernism

Appendix A: The Dempwolf Contribution to York's Streetscape
Appendix B: NuTec Design Associates, Inc.


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