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In recent years, rural southern York County has experienced a growth boom, mainly due to residents who work in Baltimore and northern Maryland but prefer the quality of life available in York County. Quaint towns like Shrewsbury, Glen Rock and Stewartstown have an almost "yesteryear" charm, and housing opportunities range from 18th Century farms to white picket fence suburban neighborhoods to historic townhouses in the urban areas. Outside of the population centers, much of southern York County remains farmland so much so that a number of Amish families have migrated from neighboring Lancaster County to the southeastern portion of York County. The popular Heritage Rail Trail County Park begins in New Freedom and winds northward to York City, providing the ideal setting for a relaxing walk, jog, or bike ride for the family. The communities of southern York County are also known throughout the mid-Atlantic region for their antique shops.

It is difficult to draw a line denoting where Southern York County ends and Greater York begins, but two moderately-sized towns Dallastown and Red Lion sit in a transition area between the two regions. Named for an old tavern, Red Lion Borough has a population of over 6,000 residents. Its town square is located at the intersection of two well-traveled north-south routes S.R. 74 and S.R. 24. Neighboring Dallastown Borough has a population of just under 4,000. Also located in this "transitional" area is William H. Kain County Park, which includes Lake Williams and Lake Redman, popular destinations for fishing, boating, hiking, and camping.

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