York Dispatch Building

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In the building industry of today, "pre-fabricated" is a very common term, and it deals with constructing certain parts of a building—for example, the structural system—in a factory and then delivering it to the construction site. Before the 1870s, this process was rare. However, when cast iron was developed, it became possible to build structures to new heights. Much of this cast iron was pre-fabricated, increasing construction speed. Cast iron was not only used for the structure of a building, but also used as an exterior finish. The Variety Iron Works Plant in York provided many buildings with iron used just for that purpose. York’s most outstanding example of a cast iron building is the York Dispatch Building on East Philadelphia Street. It is another National Register of Historic Places property, and dates from 1887. Architecturally, the building is in the ornate Italianate Style, with parapet, elaborate cornice, and window pilasters. This striking building is now home to Rudy Art Glass.

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