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Nationally, the Italianate Period spanned the years 1840 through 1880. York City has several beautiful examples of the Victorian Italianate style. Italianate architecture is characterized by flat or shallow pitched roofs, deep cornices with ornate brackets, hoods, vertical orientation, and arched windows. One of York’s most attractive buildings—the Billmeyer House—is a fine example of this period, as are the Brownstone Building and the York Dispatch Building, which features as cast iron façade.

There are also variations on the Italianate style. One such example is Italianate Gothic, which can be found at the Rex & Laurel Fire House on the corner of East King and North Duke Streets. The gothic influence can also be seen in the pointed arches of the windows and doors. A second variation of the period is the Italianate Style Row House, as evidenced by several homes on the 200 block of East Market Street. The most distinctive feature of these buildings is the detailed wood cornices.

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