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Simplified Architectural Photography

Like the images you see on this site? Want to learn how to take photos like the professionals—even if you’re using a digital camera or 35mm point and shoot? This e-book is for you! Download a copy of Scott Butcher’s e-book from and begin your learning immediately! More information is available at


Selecting the Right Film
Digital Photography
Common Problems
Night Shots
Filters for Outdoor Photography
Filters for Indoor Photography

Marketing in the Building Industry

Available both as an e-book (for immediate download) or in print, "Marketing in the Building Industry" is "a marketing professional’s manual. Easy to understand, it literally walks you through the marketing planning process and goes on to address all aspects of marketing an engineering, architectural, or construction firm." (Betty Helms, Principal, Betty Helms & Associates and past president, Philadelphia Chapter, Society for Marketing Professional Services.) Read more about it at, or order directly from


Marketing Planning for Professional Services Firms
Sales Planning for Professional Services Firms
Structuring for Business Development
Branching Out: Marketing Expansion Through Satellite Offices
Does the Internet Herald the Death of Customer Service?
Is Your Web Site Giving Away Too Much Information?
A Few Tips on Creating a Web Presence
Low Cost Public Relations
Open Houses as a Marketing Tool: A Case Study
Does Your Corporate Image Need a Brand Aid?
Life in the Jungle: A Guerilla Marketing Primer
Promoting Name Recognition Through Direct Mail


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