100 Block, South George Street

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The west side of this block had experienced a steady decline until the mid-1990s, when York Financial Corp. embarked on an ambitious plan to essentially build a new structure behind six historic façades. Today, this complex is the home of the York Daily Record’s newsroom. The tallest "building" (façade only), is the Fulton, Mehring & Hauser Building, and is another example of Commercial Style architecture. Several of the other façades are essentially hybrid styles, combing elements of the Beaux Arts period (e.g., the distinct horizontal divisions of the Renaissance Revival Style) with a hint of Romanesque Revival (e.g., the "ribbon" of arched windows present on the top level of two of the buildings).

Across the street stands the York Federal Building. Dating from 1979, it is a fairly recent entrant into the downtown streetscape. However, its Colonial Revival architecture is worth noting, as it was inspired by the Georgian architecture of Williamsburg, VA.

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