Dear Visitor, we still have yet to touch upon something else uniquely York: Factory Tour Capital of the World. That’s right, York has more factory tours per capita then…well… Okay, okay, there is apparently no "factory tour per capita" research readily available. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that York County has a plethora of real life factory tours.

The best known of these is the Harley-Davidson Factory Tour, one of the most popular factory tours in the region. In 2002, Harley-Davidson constructed a new visitors center, and the tour itself is a sight to behold – even if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle. There’s a equally unique tour across town: the Pfaltzgraff Factory Tour. Everyone knows Pfaltzgraff, but did you know that the company is America’s oldest potter? At their factory tour you’ll see a two-hundred year-old process as clay becomes pottery.

While York has only been recognized as Factory Tour Capital of the World for a few years, locals have for decades taken pride in another designation: Snack Food Capital. That’s right, we love our junk food. (Where do you think the "York" in "York Peppermint Patty" came from?) And – good news for you! – we love to share our junk food! So visit the Wolfgang Candy Factory Tour and Das Sweeten Haus for some good ol’, mouth-watering chocolate. And, as everyone knows, once you’ve imbibed in something sweet, you’ll need something salty to counteract the sugar. This is why Martin’s Potato Chips, Utz Quality Foods, and Snyder’s of Hanover have opened their factories to visitors: Salt Fix! From potato chips to cheese curls to sourdough pretzels, you and your family are sure to NOT go home hungry!

But, alas, you may be thirsty. Perhaps a trip to Naylor’s Wine Cellars or Seven Valleys Vineyard & Winery may be in order, or even a trip to Sparky & Clark’s Coffee Roasters. Well, you get the idea – there are lots of tours to be taken in York County. For a complete list – along with times and locations, surf over to the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau site.


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