Look, everywhere you go, you’re gonna find a mall. And that mall is going to have the same stores that every other mall has. So if you want a mall, yeah, we can hook you up: the York Galleria Mall is a two-level regional mall located in East York; the West Manchester Mall is located in West York, and the North Hanover Mall is located – where else? – in north Hanover.

But let us assume for a moment that you’re looking for something a bit different. Where would you go?

Well, how long do you have?

Okay, okay. Enough with the questions. We’ll make a few recommendations, and you, Dear Visitor, can go from there. The Architectural Warehouse of Historic York, located along North George Street downtown, has a really unique offering of salvaged architectural materials. Words can’t describe the selection, so you really have to check it out!


And while you’re checking things out, be sure to visit one of York’s own Christmas Tree Hill shops. Yes, you may have visited their stores at some outlet somewhere, but this is their home! We’re particularly fond of Christmas Tree Hill in the Mansion, located in East York near the Galleria Mall. Housed in a 19th Century mansion, this is one neat store. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the Pfalzgraff Headquarters Store next door. Again we say, "Yeah, you may have been to one of their other stores – but this is their home!"


This next destination is both a factory tour and a specialty shop: Family Heir-Loom Weavers. Ever wonder how they make an heirloom? Now you’ll know. And then you can purchase one!

In Wrightsville, you’ll find the John Wright Warehouse, while in downtown York you’ll find the Pewtarex Factory Outlet. A number of factories have adjacent outlets, including Snyder’s of Hanover, Wolfgang Candy, York Wallcoverings, and Stauffer’s Cookies.

And yes, as you’ve undoubtedly gathered from this site, York is rich in history. And this historical richness can only mean one thing: old used stuff. Or, as collectors call it, "antiques." All kidding aside, there are antique shops throughout York County, in the towns and along the countryside. Here’s a few of the larger venues: Red Lion Antique Center, Cold Spring Antique Mall, Grey Beard’s Antiques & Collectibles (Jacobus), and Shrewsbury Antique Center. WARNING! We are about to link you to a non-user friendly Web site. However, it does have a lot of good information. If you’re patient, that is. Here is the Mason-Dixon Antique Trail: www.masondixonantiquetrail.com.

And, just for the heck of it, a few more unique shops: Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe, Olde Tollgate Village, Persnickety (S. Queen St.) and Odds N’ Ends Variety Gift Shop (E. Philadelphia St.), and Sue’s Bear and Gift Haus.

So go ahead and do it – live a cliché and "Shop ‘Til Ya Drop!"

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